The companies from the list below have received the largest investment rounds made in Scandinavia for the past period. Please use the filters for selecting a specific country or a specific period.

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Sweden Sol VoltaicsEnergyJul 201721.3M
Finland Blueprint GeneticsHealth services, Software ServicesJul 201715.96M
Finland IceyeHardware, Manufacturing, Software ServicesAug 201713M
Sweden ApicaSoftware ServicesSep 201712M
Sweden inRiverCRM, Online marketingAug 201712M
Denmark NetlifySoftware ServicesAug 201712M
Sweden Anima ConnectedHardware, Manufacturing, Software Services, WearableAug 201711.77M
Sweden FunnelAdvertising, MediaSep 201710M
Denmark LabsterEducation, Software Services, VRSep 201710M
Norway KahootEducation, Gaming Industry, MobileJul 201710M
Sweden GloManufacturingSep 20178.13M
Sweden WerlabsHealth services, WearableAug 20177.47M
Norway OtovoEnergyJul 20177.12M
Sweden BynkFinancial Services, Mobile paymentsJul 20177M
Sweden AiflooHealth services, Manufacturing, WearableSep 20176.07M
Finland Aurealis PharmaBiotech, PharmaAug 20175.8M
Norway CatalystOneSoftware ServicesSep 20175M
Finland LightneerEducation, Gaming IndustryAug 20175M
Sweden StarcounterIndustry agnostic, Software ServicesSep 20174.47M
Finland IndoorAtlasManufacturing, Mobile, RetailAug 20174.3M