Woilà was acquired by Klarna

Sweden M&A 26 October 2020
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Woilà, a Stockholm, Sweden-based SAAS developer of a consumer mobile app, announced that it was acquired by the local financial service provider based also in Stockholm, Klarna.

The deal, which has the financial details undisclosed, was made for Woila AB’s IP and the team of 9 people which will be integrated within Klarna's devel team. No users’ personal data were included in the acquisition, and Woilà's service will be closed down.

Woilà, founded in 2017 by Wilhelm Schenning, Carl Enbom, Jonas Friman and Rickard Bergeling, was operating a mobile app that aimed to improve the shopping experience post purchase. By identifying price drops, price guarantees and vouchers, Woilà helped consumers get money back if an item bought online dropped in price after the purchase had already been made. Woilà processed $50M worth of transactions and recorded a mere SEK 14k ($1.6k) in 2019's turnover.

Previously, Woilà raised almost $4 million, from investors including Schibsted Growth and angels Niklas Söderholm, Anna Benjamin and Jonas Bonde,