Veo raises more money for a video recording solution for football games.

Denmark Investments 30 August 2017
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Veo, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup working on a video recording solution for football games, raised €900,000. The money comes from a range of local angel investors including David Fellah, Per Zachariassen, Henrik Hancke and Kasper Wedendahl.

Veo, founded by CEO Henrik Teisbæk, developed technology within two 4K cameras encased within a 3D-printed box, capable of recording a 180-degree panoramic view. The cameras are independent of operators and the tech can detect where the action is on the field, and automatically zoom and pan to follow the ball – just like a camera operator would do.

Prior to this transaction, Veo raised EUR 1.1M in seed money from SEED Capital, in April 2017.