Upcor raises SEK 2M for Tillsynen.se

Sweden Investments 30 August 2017
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Upcor, a Mora, Sweden-based company providing digital services overseeing the sale of tobacco and alcohol, announced raising SEK 2M ($250k) in external funding.

The money comes from local investment companies Dalecarlia Growth and Almi Invest.

Upcor, founded in 2011 and led by CEO Ulf Jonsson, manages Tillsynen.se, a new digital working method for municipal supervision of alcohol and tobacco. For years, the Swedish legislation on the sale of alcohol, pharmaceutical and tobacco products has gradually been tightened, which has led to increased demands on Swedish regulatory authorities, the municipalities.

Tillsynen.se has been launched and is already being used by municipalities in Sweden as well as over 3,000 retailers.