The Curious AI Company raises $3.7M

Finland Investments 23 September 2017
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The Curious AI Company, a Helsinki, Finland-based company which provides researches and develops advanced artificial intelligence, focusing on semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning, announced closing a $3.7M investment round.

The money comes from existing invstors, including Lifeline Ventrues, Invus and Balderton Capital, as well as new ones, such as Data Collective (DCVC), Tekes, Court Westcott and Jaan Tallinn.

The Curious AI Company, founded in 2015 by CEO Harri Valpola, is in the business of making artificial general intelligence, by designing systems that are multi-purpose and can interact with humans in a natural manner, as opposed to non-natural languages such as programming.

In 2015, The Curious AI Company raised $1M.