Shark Punch raises $1.73M more for Matchmade, an influencer marketing platform.

Finland Investments 30 August 2017
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Shark Punch, a Helsinki, Finland and Berlin, Germany-based gaming company announced raising $1.73M in outside funding for Matchmade, one of their projects. The money comes from Global Founders Capital, London Venture Partners, Reaktor, Henric Suuronen and Tekes.

Matchmade was launched in 2016 as a mobile game influencer marketing platform, which combines end-to-end data collection and analysis with sophisticated automation and matchmaking features to allow game publishers to reach the perfect audience for their games.

Matchmade is a project owned by SharkPunch, a game studio founded in 2014 by Finnish games industry veterans.

Matchmade will use this funding to scale up operations, including expanding the company’s enterprise offering for agencies and networks, and continuing to improve its data analysis and forecasting capabilities.

Prior to this transaction, Shark Punch raised €1.2 Million in 2015 for developing Playfield, a game discovery and distribution platform closed in 2017.