Scrimba secured half a million dollars in a round led by Amasia

Norway United States Investments 14 October 2020
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Scrimba, an Oslo, Norway-based operator of an online platform delivering programming education via interactive screencasts, announced that it secured NOk 5M ($540k).

The money was raised from investors led by US-based VC Amasia, and including contributions from the local VC from Norway Alliance Venture, who was already an existing investor.

Scrimba, founded in 2016 by Per Harald Borgen, Sindre Aarsæther and Magnus Holm, developed an online platform used as a coding school, as it delivers courses to over 120K monthly active students. The company's tech is based on a new video format that makes the screencasts fully interactive for students, and easier to create for teachers.

Prior to this round, Scrimba was funded by investors including StartupLab Founders, Nordic Makers and angel Hampus Jakobsson. In the summer of 2020, Scrimba was part of the Y Combinator.