Profundus announced raising SEK 8.4 million from GU Ventures, GOBIA Enterprises and Paginera Invest

Sweden Investments 19 January 2021
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Profundus, a Gothenburg, Sweden-based producer of an innovative camera used for earlier diagnosis of retina-related diseases, announced securing a funding round of SEK 8.4 million ($1M).

The money was raised from Swedish investors including GU Ventures, GOBIA Enterprises and Paginera Invest, as well as angel investors and Almi Invest, which contributed to the equity with 2 million.

Profundus, founded in 2019 by CEO Åsa Lindström, developed a new fundus camera which could be used to provide researchers and clinicians with a tool that can visualize currently subclinical changes of retinal disease. The camera is built on so-called Adaptive Optics, a technology that is normally used in terrestrial space telescopes and  was developed due to a need for improved resolution in retinal imaging and offers 7-10 times higher resolution than conventional instruments over a considerably larger imaging area that competing concepts.

The camera is still in the prototype mode.