LatticeFlow has secured $2.8 million in a financing round led by btov and Global Founders Capital.

Switzerland Germany Investments 19 January 2021
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LatticeFlow, a Zurich, Switzerland-based software startup, announced that it secured $2.8M in what they call Series B financing round.

The money was raised from investors led by btov and Global Founders Capital and will be used to accelerate the company's development.

LatticeFlow, founded in 2020 as a spinoff from Zurich's ETH, is the result of years of research at Prof. Martin Vechev’s Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab (SRI) at ETH Zürich. He co-founded the company with Petar Tsankov (CEO) and Pavol Bielik (CTO), both experienced AI researchers, and joined by Prof. Andreas Krause, a world-renowned machine learning expert and the chairman of ETH’s new AI Center.

The company developed a software tool that can assess an ML model with automated discovery of failure modes that might lead to issues. It can then let AI engineers focus on the most relevant issues for improvements and enable them to further test the model. Finally, it can generate synthetic training datasets that make the model more robust. To make it universally usable for AI practitioners, LatticeFlow can work with any of the usual ML frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.