Cohu Experience raised $3.4M from 540 backers in a crowdfunding campaign for a mobile app space training program.

Finland Investments 21 February 2017
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Cohu Experience, a Helsinki, Finland media company that provides astronaut training programs closed an equity crowdfunding campaign via Around.

The crowdfunding campaign was launched on February 2, 2017 for the Space Nation Astronaut Training Program, and succeeded in raising one million Euros in just 43 minutes.

At closing, Cohu raised €3,233,660 ($3.4M) from 540 backers - the initial offer was made at a pre-money company valuation of €16,7M, for a maximum of 365 000 shares and 4.9M euros.

According to the company's projections, Cohu is expecting a ”Supercell- style” development in growth. The forecasted figures for 2019 are set at a net profit of 347 million euros, profit margin of 78% and valuation multiple of 119 in comparison to the current valuation.

In 2017 Cohu forecasts a 1M euro operating loss.

Cohu Experience, founded in 2013 by Kalle Vähä-Jaakkola and Mazdak Nassir, provide a global Astronaut Training Program, in which anyone has the chance to train to become an astronaut and travel to space.

The training is to be made via a mobile app, due to be launched in the fall of 2017. The program sets physical and social training targets, as well as teaches skill-sets central to astronauts in their daily lives. Users that have collected the most points are selected to a televised training camp and astronaut contest, of which the first will commence early 2018.

IPrior to the crowdfunding campaign, the group raised 1.7 million Euros from investors in Finland, Estonia, Germany and the US.