Lars Lindgren (investor - Angel Investor)

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Most business models preferred:
B2C (Retail) (8) Affiliates (6) B2B (5) Subscription (3)
Average round investment:
569.15k USD

Lars Lindgren is an angel Investor full time since 1984 and founder of the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA) in 1985. The companies Lars Lindgren invests in exclusively in Stockholm and are preferably at an early stage with a SEK 10-20 million commitment.

In addition to his own investments, Lars Lindgren also helps the angel efforts of GP Bullhound's Sidecarfond and is one of the co-founders of the DHS Venture Partners, an angel fund for Stockholm School of Economics alumni.

Showing 10 of 19 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden Kitab Sawti ABSep 20171.44M1.60M
Sweden InsurelloJun 2017270k304k
Sweden WeHuntMar 2017340k710k
Sweden DoctrinFeb 20172.59M3.71M
Sweden EvothingsJan 201755.85k1.35M
Sweden Match2OneDec 2016330k733k
Sweden DoctrinDec 2016760k3.71M
Sweden ByggvarulistanNov 2016260k428k
Sweden KarmaNov 2016760k4.63M
Sweden Kitab Sawti ABNov 2016163k1.60M

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