Harald Mix (investor - Angel Investor)

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Most business models preferred:
B2B (8)
Average round investment:
8.57M USD

Olof Harald Mix, born 1960, is a Swedish investor, currently active in Altor, which he co-founded 2003.

He was previously responsible for investments in Sweden and Finland for Industri Kapital (IK Investment Partners), which he co-founded 1993.

Harald Mix worked at Enskilda Ventures, in the Leverage Buyout Group at Credit Suisse AG, CSFB and Booz Allen Hamilton in Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. He served in the principal investment group of The First Boston Corporation.

Harald Mix Is currently a board member of the Sweden-America Foundation, Lindorff, Dustin, Dynapac, Nobia and IF Brommapojkarna.

10 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden Incell InternationalJul 20173.45M5.67M
Sweden NorthvoltMar 201713.32M25.22M
Sweden Incell InternationalNov 20162.22M5.67M
Sweden GimiApr 2016700k4.36M
Sweden The Flow NetworkMar 20161.81M3.01M
Sweden MagineOct 201527M54.5M
Sweden The Flow NetworkAug 20151.2M3.01M
Sweden MagineMay 201512.5M54.5M
Sweden MagineJul 201315M54.5M
Norway Gelato GroupApr 2010N/A9M

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