Documaster (private company)

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Business model:
Summa Equity

Total investments received (USD) - 14.23M


Documaster is a system agnostic platform that enables all organisations to compliantly process, preserve and instantly access their most valuable data from one single application

Documaster AS was spun off from NorseLAB in January 2014 after a successful two-year project aimed at building a modern minimalistic records management kernel for the needs of the public sector in Norway.

Our parent company has been active in the area of records management since 2003 and currently has more than 450 government agencies as customers.

Documaster became the first company to offer an independent kernel certified by the National Archives of Norway. We did not stop there and expanded our business to the private sector as well.

Currently we have offices in three cities in two countries. The company continues to grow and pursue both new markets and highly skilled talented people across the globe.

Our goal is twofold.

First, we want to reduce unnecessary costs and make work both in the public and private sector easier and less frustrating.

Second, we want to give new life to valuable records locked in legacy systems by storing the records in standard structures and making them easily accessible even decades from now.

We do this by bringing together several technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Graph Databases to make the job of the modern knowledge worker easier and more efficient.

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