Angel Challenge (investor - Accelerator)

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Stavanger, Oslo, Trondheim
Key People:
Knut Wien
Mostly invests in:
Health services (4)
Most business models preferred:
B2B (5) B2C (Retail) (4) SAAS (3)
Average round investment:
221.02k USD

The network has initiated several startup ecosystem initiatives in Norway, and have fasilitated more than 150 events since their start in 2012.

With Angel Challenge we aim to accelerate Investors and Startups to help make more startup-investments happen.

Angel Challenge was founded by Norwegian executive Thomas Berglund.

Showing 10 of 13 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Norway AristeiaFeb 2018130k130k
Norway LearnlinkDec 2017115k115k
Norway PlaypulseDec 2017270k270k
Norway LifekeysJun 2017118.38k118.38k
Norway PicterusMay 2017120k120k
Norway VIO Media ASNov 2016240k590k
Norway EventumNov 2016940k1.64M
Norway Mitrol EnergyNov 2016120k120k
Norway Smart PlantsOct 2016160k160k
Norway MiniproJun 2016120k1.03M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
** Click on the company for its details and on the round amount for the investment details.

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